Carla Van Walsum PhD is an international speaker, therapist, facilitator and mentor who has been passionately exploring the deeper truths of life, relationships, inherited family traumas  for more than 20 years.

Her clients include leaders, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, college students, engineers, healers, doctors, artists, CEOs, and more from all over the world.

These women and men don’t just want to do more. They want to be more. They want to make a change in the world.

Carla is the creator of  Awaken to Your Happiest Life!, Happy Children -Happy Home,  Epigenetics & The Impact of Inherited Family Trauma , Success Acceleration, Embrace Self-Love and The Art of Self-Compassion. 

As an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator, Carla presents eloquent, thought-provoking and interactive talks that address the challenges that life and relationships offer us. Carla’s clinical psychology education in combination with eastern and metaphysical approaches in addition with the science of inherited family trauma makes her a unique presenter.

Having taught as a guest lecturer at universities, at conferences and organizations in Europe and in the USA, she is eager to share and motivate others to enhance their quality of life and fulfilling relationships.

The key to a happy family life is found in respectful, authentic communication and a truthful, compassionate connection. Family relationships have repetitive and inherited patterns and Carla guides her clients to discover and learn entirely new ways of creating the family life they desire.

Popular topics include:

  • Emotional Inheritance and Transgenerational Trauma.
  • Hidden Loyalties and Self- Sabotage.
  • Embrace Self- Love & Self-Compassion.  
  • Epigenetics and Neuroscience
  • How  to build loving & lasting relationships
  • Connecting Communication (NVC)
  • The Art of  Self-Compassion.
  • The soul shows the way

Past speaking events include:

“Carla is a very gifted and knowledgeable facilitator, who always comes from a place of genuine compassion to assist others heal areas of their life.”

Katy Simmone,  Soul Evolution Center, Boca Raton

“It was great to listen to Carla Van Walsum’s talk which was loaded with empowering information. Carla’s constellation work is amazing, enlightening and just plain AWESOME!”

Chris Catoggio, Florida

“In the past 8 years Carla has introducing Family Constellations to my students at PBSC. I am consistently amazed by how profoundly beneficial this is in helping students to release blocks and effectively address core issues. Carla has been a gift to me and my students.”

Mindy Yale, FT instruction, PBSC, Boca Raton

king, family constellations, epigenetics, authentic heartbased parentin

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