Competition versus Cooperation

A  beautiful way of “doing business” is looking from the perspective of being of service, “sharing” what you have to share.. Sharing your expertise or products. Both are meant to enrich others lives. In exchange you could be paid with money. However, when the factor “competition” is involved, it shifts all towards a fear based attitude. “What if… I don’t make enough money…they are doing the same… I don’t reach the required quota that my boss wants from me… I lose my job…”
Fear then becomes the underlying motivator AND stress factor for the behavior of the selling/serving pe

rson. This deep down hidden feeling of fear is certainly felt by the one who is approached, the potential buyer. The trick is to uplift thoughts to higher energy levels. Fear is just a bad adviser and is destructive. So, find ways to live fearless! 
The Kabbalah (and other mystical wisdom) teaches us: Loving, Caring, Sharing.  A great way to live your life is loving what you do and sharing; making a living through sharing. Even if you don’t love what you do, find additional work today that is based on your passion. Want to be successful then this is the way to go! With caring we connect truly to the other person and the world around us. Caring is the soil for deeper connections…