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Heart will healWouldn’t it be nice to finally have your wishes and dreams come true? Wouldn’t it be wonderful when you finally get your dream partner,  a great rlationship, plus anything you asked for, and get to keep it?

Wouldn’t it be nice; no more self-sabotaging, insecurities, or unnecessary pain?

Wouldn’t it be great to finally be in the loving relationship you always yearned for?

The 5 modules and bonuses in this package give you the missing magical, miraculous key to live the life you always hoped was possible for you. It will get you what you really want AND what you really need for your relationship(s) and work.

What am I offering?

I have found that the fastest way to attract and create a great relationship is through energy psychology in conjunction with a handful of other proven modalities. After doing healing and clearing work on a conscious and sub-conscious level, many clients, from around the world, have received amazing successes. Many were able to manifest a great relationship in as little as 3 months…and most are still together!

Whether you are single and looking for lasting love – or you are already in a relationship that you desire a different more fulfilling experience from; I can show you how, by using my successful processes!

(Hint: You are going to need to do some work)

  • Heal your heart
  • Feel confident, happy and radiant
  • (Re)program your blueprint for relationship success
  • Learn the communication to create a deep  connection and have everyone’s needs met
  • Use Universal laws to simply attract what you really deserve
  • Delete feelings of “being not good enough” which attract the wrong partner
  • Enjoy healthy boundaries when still being loving and kind
  • Heal your relationship to your parents because you don’t have to relive their drama
  • Feel happy and accepted as a woman in your body
  • Feel empowered about being sensitive and be on a place of love, your feminine self!
  • Become the inspirational woman that can receive easily and doesn’t want to only give to feel good.

“Access to Your Hidden Blueprint of Love” Package

5 group recorded live calls with clearing, exercises and bonuses.

The five calls are a road map to manifestation but every call has a different topic. It is absolutely certain that anybody who is going through these processes and is doing the exercises; the clearing will be lifting ancestral burdens and challenging limiting beliefs. You will learn to use tools, heal your heart and you will have a refreshed, remodeled blueprint for love. The result is that you will be ready for the right partner to show up OR transform the existing relationship you are already in!

Each call is different and geared towards emotional and mental awareness and healing.

Each call contains elements of clearing and building up to restore self-love, appreciation, as well as healing previous relationships and creating space for new relationships. Explanation about soul-energy, soul-planes and soul-levels to understand how it works with attracting soulmates.

5 Recorded Calls


Week 1: Access to Your Ancestral Blueprint

Clear the existing blueprint that blocks you from manifesting your desires. Eliminate Past Generational Entanglements: restore and elevate the flow of love.

Your mother’s or father’s lineage carries negative experiences and traumas, often for several generations. Believe it or not, it still can impact you today. It’s proven with clinical psychological science. Free yourself from what does not belong to you and claim your own destiny.

BONUS week 1: Ancestor clearing meditation MP3

Week 2: Access to Your Energy Blueprint

Eliminate the hidden blocks in your energy fields. Balance the Feminine and Masculine for your success.

I will guide you through a profound energetic healing process to instantly clear out old traumas, memories, energetic ties and hurts from past experiences and also ancestral relationships, even if you never met them!

BONUS week 2: Energy clearing MP3


Week 3: Access to Your Souls Blueprint: “I AM THAT I AM”

No more feeling “Not good enough”. Connect to your core and soul essence and recharge. Heal your heart. Open your heart. Discover the vibrational healing power of words. 

Learn about guidance and healing from Arch Angel Uriel.

You will be feeling  – Liberated. – Empowered – Hopeful – Uplifted – Confident

BONUS week 3: Love Infusion  


Week 4: Access to Crystal Clear Communication

    • The vibrational power of words: effective and peaceful communication.
    • Start to build the foundation for the relationships where everyone’s needs will be met.
    • Experience the effects of high and low vibrational words.
    • What to say and what not to say.

How to remain calm and connected when you are hurt or angry and NOT enter into a fight!

BONUS 4: Connecting Communication EBook 

Week 5: Access to Attracting Your Soul Mate 

  • Fearless love. Deep connection. Become irresistible!
  • Use the PROVEN techniques for finally attract your most  suitable partner!
  • Balance and unify masculine and feminine energy to be a clear magnet for love and success.

BONUS 5: 2 Guided Imageries: 1. Become a Magnet…. 2. Manifest… 

Access to the Hidden Blueprint of Love & Success Package

5  Calls (Recorded) + 5 BONUSES

Includes 60 Minutes Private Session  with Carla Van Walsum on Zoom.

 Worth $150

+ EXTRA BONUS: Attract, Find & KEEP Your Amazing Mate! E-book with 9 MP3’s.

Heart based Solutions books

A road-map to learn HOW to attract YOUR amazing MATE!!!

Everything for Only $197

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