Blended Families

Blending two families together after death or divorce is a challenging and beautiful journey.

Honoring each other’s needs, respect for each diversity, acknowledging everyone involved,  that is a path of growth towards harmony. The opportunity for new love and more love can become a gift! However, the biological parents are THE parents. Most often the “step” parent oversteps boundaries to his/her “new child/ren” in taking a role that is not honoring the original place of the biological-missing- parent. Conflicts are the result and a lot of damage is done. If there’s a sense of competition by the new step-parent with the biological-missing- parent , or some disrespect towards him/her prevails, the unseen loyalty between biological parent and child will be surfacing.

It is a pity that many beautiful opportunities failed. Some support and helpful tools can turn a complicated situation into a harmonious family. 

Blended Family Counseling

Here are 3 Tips

  1. Respect and honor each others’ boundaries

  2. Speak respectful about the “other” parent

  3. Don’t force step-parent roles. Children have the deepest loyalty to their biological parents.

If you are part of a blended family, and are facing issues, do not give up hope! Although you might have heard about failures, you can choose to be a successful happy blended family!


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