My story – what motivated me to do what I do today.  

                      Podcast: “The Trauma Therapist”                           Guy MacPherson Ph.D. Ep: 380.

  Holistic Interventions & Compassion in the Treatment of Trauma

Podcast with Anna Seewald from Authentic Parenting:

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Interview with Eram Saeed

​Eram Saeed interviews Carla about
Love,  Soulmates and Systemic Family Constellation Work

Cari Murphy interviews Carla about Epigenetics

“Epigenetics and Family Constellations” Renegade Solutions interview featuring Carla Van Walsum


“Epigenetics and adoption” Interview with Jeneth Blackert featuring Author Carla Van Walsum

“Aligning with your Purpose” interview Aline Boundy featuring Carla Van Walsum

Carla Interview Life Purpose 3.11.13

Five Steps to Aligning With Your Purpose” with Aline Boundy

interview Aline Purpose 8.22.13

Vision Quest 2012 Interview Kimberly West featuring

Author Carla Van Walsum


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