Love is meant to heal. It is a powerful energy we all have access to.

You deserve a satisfying, committed relationship full of trust and security, but it's sometimes challenging to figure out how to get there or keep the spark alive. 

You might feel that your strong, loving relationship has waned, you repeat negative patterns in relationships, or you yearn to be understood and communicate effectively without confrontation or conflict. Luckily, relationships can change and heal. Negative patterns can be transformed into compassionate connections, and communicating can become effortless. 

To help navigate the ups and downs of relationships, I offer private relationship coaching sessions, divorce coaching sessions, an effective communication course, and a "creative love" package. Read below to see which option best fits your needs.

Private Relationship Coaching – sessions online or in person


  • Remove blocks, release negative patterns, and pull together as a couple

  • Overcome fear of intimacy or rejection and surrender to love and passion

  • Heal your baggage trap and things from your past that keep you and your partner from achieving happiness

  • Develop a respectful and compassionate relationship with entirely new tools

  • Learn Connecting Communication: the language of authentic connection and meeting everyone’s needs

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi


The path to deepening love, passion and acceptance in your relationship IS available to you. 

Grab it.

What Other Clients Say

“I had a session with Carla. Carla was very friendly and easy to talk to. She gave me lots of tips and insights about my marriage. She explained to me the best ways of communicating to my partner and to my children. I have been putting them in practice and I can already see a big difference. She also gave me some tips for my future.  The session was awesome! Thank you very much Carla”
Lots of love,  Michelle  P., Australia  

“Carla has helped me go through some real deep core issues concerning my family line in a way I have never experienced before. Her work has have given me deep understanding in my close family relationships and also a profound affect on my close relationships. Her work has got me thinking in a whole new way and I also got tools to do some serious forgiveness work that was much needed.”   Martina, Sweden

“Carla’s counseling sessions are profound and cutting through the chaff, getting to the heart of the matter. She helped us to focus on our love rather than our past relationship baggage, and now, years later, we are still happily together!”  Mady P. Boynton Beach

You can book a one 90-min session or our Relationship Package with three 90-min sessions

                                   In your first session for 90 minutes we will explore the situation, we’ll dive deep in your relationship,                                                      and create a plan on what we can do to make the changes you desire.  

Relationship Healing Package

Six (6) 90-min sessions + evaluation  $1097
($100 in savings)

One Session

                                         One 90-min session                                          + evaluation $197

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