“NVC, Effective Communication, is a fluid, organic process for expressing our truths in a way more likely to connect quickly and clearly with others. The simple steps help us to hear and be heard with more compassionate understanding and less judgment. Not a rigid model offering right and wrong ways to speak or express, NVC adapts naturally, with practice, to all kinds of situations, people and cultures.”

  • Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, it is not easy to make yourself understood? 
  • Do you lose your cool, when getting upset, and eventually feeling pretty lonely?
  • Does fear of conflict shut you down, or make you avoid or literally walk away from a topic? 
  • Do you find yourself in power struggles with your children or someone at work?
  • Or could it be that you yearn for someone to really listen to you without interrupting or giving you unsolicited advice? 

Most of us fit into at least one of these categories.Do you lose your cool, when getting upset, and feeling pretty lonely?

Connecting Communication

If you ever wonder whether you could learn to speak in a way that would ensure you would be heard, understood, and feel connected, then there is interesting news for you.


A few years ago I started my 6-week live program “Happy Children, Happy Home!” parenting workshops, (where NVC was learned and practiced) and seven MOMS and one DAD signed up. When I opened the second round of these workshops, seven DADS and one MOM showed up. To my surprise, they all were the partners of the parents of the previous group!

What happened? They said that since their spouse was taking the workshops, there was much more harmony in the house and in their relationship so they wanted to learn the same processes.                           

Isn’t that awesome?

The main communication tools I use are called Effective Communication©, which is partially based on the NonViolent Communication of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

In The Netherlands in 1998 I started to learn and study the NVC method, attended multiple training at the institute of “Nederlands Geweldloze Communicatie Den Haag” and intensives with Marshall Rosenberg. Becoming a trainer in NVC, I was thrilled to have found life-long questions answered in this clear, insightful, and effective model.

In the meantime, I have expanded the model and call it all together: Effective Communication. A very cherished and effective method for heart-based, authentic connections and peaceful conflict resolutions.

One of my clients calls it “a life saver of relationships.

What are the core benefits?

  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Heart-based respect instead of criticism
  • Becoming more aware of feelings and needs
  • Speaking your truth fearlessly and being heard
  • Avoiding power struggles with teens and children
  • Communicating your needs in the workplace effectively
  • More (self)-compassion, authenticity, happiness and fulfillment in life, and relationships.

Today, you can choose to learn to communicate differently. At home, on the work floor, or in your intimate relationships.

However, you need to really practice this communication model because only reading and talking about it is not enough.  It is just not easy to re-frame your automatic communication responses!

And, you can learn and practice the skills, even online, at the comfort of your home with a small group of like-minded people who are eager to have more harmony in their lives.

“Honestly expressing how I am WITHOUT  blaming or criticism. 

Empathetically receiving HOW YOU are without hearing blame or criticism”        

This Communication process is for EVERYBODY who is in ANY kind of relationship. Partners, Friends, Parents, Children, Co-workers, CEO’s, Coaches and Professionals.   

Carla meeting Gandhi’s grandson.

There is much more to say about “nonviolence”, it does NOT mean at all one cannot defend him/herself, or others.  View my blogpost:


Effective Communication –  Foundations

10-11:30 AM, 1 – 2:30 PM and 7 PM- 8:30 P

Small group workshops, interactive with learning material, role play, Q&A’s, daily personal communication experiences reviewed, practicing, and connecting with like-minded participants.
Meetings are through video with ZOOM, on your computer.



Effective Communication Classes for Parents.

Six 90-minute classes

Effective Communication enhances compassion, harmony and joy in the family. Most fights and frustrations are about un-met needs. Learn how to get needs met peacefully!

Read more about my experiences with this communication: My Story

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