Trans-Generational-, Collective-, Historical-, Systemic-, or Family Inherited Trauma is often easy to discover by using systemic work and constellations. (No, not about stars!)

This is a European method to uncover and release inherited hidden patterns, entanglements,  PTSD, and unresolved traumas. These are stored in our subconscious mind that constantly interacts with our nervous system, thus blocking the flow of life, love, success, or health.

Learn more about the types of constellation sessions below

Family Constellation

Finding yourself repeating the same wrong relationships, jobs or issues over and over again? Discover if you carry inherited emotions or traumas that need to be cleared.

Business/Organization Constellation

This method allows to quickly diagnose and shift subconscious dynamics in your business that are hindering the flow of thriving, success , and prosperity.

Adoption Constellation

Adoption is often very well intended. However, the primal wounds of being unwanted and abandoned can be deeply anchored in the soul of the child. Constellations can help.

Footprint Mapping Constellations

Footprint Constellation

Want to better understand your child or teen? In a few minutes the hidden dynamics and feelings show up using the footprint method. For children easy to do.

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One Full Constellation Breakthrough Session
Before your session, we discuss your requests. 
During the session, we’ll work it out setting up a constellation and find answers towards resolutions and healing. 
Includes a check-in afterward.

I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!

I have experienced many healing modalities in my journey to wellness. I am quite impressed witnessing the laser like efficiency of Carla’s constellation work!  It feels like this modality reaches the core energy of the issue at hand and provides the opportunity for healing on a cellular level. It’s very fascinating to me that we are able to influence the effects on ourselves and our children from the experiences of ancestors we never met.  This work gives us the platform to consciously focus on energy clearing and release to free ourselves and our ancestors from energetic entanglements. 

Carla’s constellation work is brilliant!  I am grateful for the blessing of the healing it has provided for me and my line as well as others, the world is better for it!

~ Amy D. West Palm Beach

Frequently Asked Questions and Questionnaire: click on picture.


Here you can find the most commonly asked questions before a constellation session.


Gather information about your family if you can. Check off what is relevant to you.

Constellations uncover hidden patterns, inherited destructive patterns, PTSD, trans-generational trauma and entanglements that impact the wellbeing of a person. “Shake the family tree” to get answers.

Look forward! But if you feel stuck or end up over and over again in the same situation; look back!