Today, many people speak about “blockages in their system”, invisible hindrances that keeps them from fulfilling their needs, wishes or beautiful goals in life.
What is a block? It is invisible energy powerful enough to thward or delay (procrastination) the progress or realization of something they wish for.

Even if blockages are hidden (deep) in your (sub)consciousness, they can impact your life.

How do blockages develop?

1. By your thoughts, created by your life experiences

2. By the words you heard in your childhood and later in life

3. By inherited beliefs that traveled through generations in the family system.

4. By hidden loyalties to your ancestors,  their experiences, their fate etc.

5. By listening to your critical self-talk – and  believing it

Are you interested in knowing more? Do you want to create  a change?

Then you should absolutely join us on Zoom this Thursday, May 9th, from 8 PM to 9:30 PM EDT, when we will use the constellation method to find the root cause and then release it from the client’s energy and cell memory.

You can see how it works and what will come out of it!

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