Embrace Self-Love and Self-Compassion Mini-Course (2)

Now is the time to enhance your capacity for self-love and self-compassion in order to be and feel happier. 

Self-Healing. Heart-Opening. Elevating Mindset.

This mini-course offers: 

  • Tools to engage your brain and heart’s capacity for wellness.
  • Heart-opening guided meditations.
  • Warmth and balance to your core essence.
  • Self-compassion method RAIN
  • New tools to actively love yourself like you never have before!

Remember, your best investment will always be in yourself, no one else will do for you how much you will do for yourself. 

Take care of your spirit for a good balance and rejuvenation in your life!

A mini-course online via ZOOM: Link will be sent after payment received.

2 Thursdays 12/30 and 1/6 (2022)

@ 12 pm/noon EST, till 1:30 pm EST


Bookings are closed for this event.