Free the Chains that Bind


This workshop is for you if you just would like to be happier, want to understand some things in a more clear way, and if you actually would love more peace in your life.

  • Learn to identify the clues to past traumas that are revealed through your words, behaviors, symptoms, and feelings.
  •  Discover that neuroscience proves why constellations are so effective.
  • Discover what events or generational trauma may be affecting your life in unwanted ways.
  • Experience tools based on neuroscience, guided imagery, healing sentences, rituals and more to eradicate self-sabotage and behaviors that link to inherited patterns and residue.
  • Includes guided imagery and “Open and Healing Your Heart” meditation.

 Financial challenges and business failures, unhappy relationships, unexplained anxiety, depression, illness,- yes, according to the latest epigenetic research, the biological residue of traumatic experiences in our families can impact us today. 

Bring your questions and we will “set or line them up”.

In this workshop, Carla Van Walsum will offer a diversity of ways to break the cycle of inherited patterns. The result is that you can be happier, healthier, more fulfilled or successful in your life.


About the facilitator:

Carla Van Walsum Ph.D. was trained in the Netherlands and in the USA in Clinical Psychology, Holistic Therapies, and Family Constellations. She is the founder of Heartbased Solutions LLC, a holistic practice for individuals, couples, and families. 

For over 25 years, Carla has been internationally recognized in the areas of relationships, parenting, inherited trauma, empowerment, and emotional healing.

Carla has helped many clients create quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical approaches.


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