Support during Corona


We are living in an interesting time! Social distancing for the benefit of all. Social distancing; a new concept that just weeks ago was unthinkable! Yeah, we all need some support during Corona….

It surely is an exercise in ‘accepting’! 

First I want to let you know that I moved ALL coaching/counseling sessions online. (Most of my clients are out of state, so they are used to it already).

These are equally effective as in person!

Second, this  coming Monday starts the Connecting Communication Foundations (NVC) Course – if you are interested, here’s more info: Connecting Communication Workshop

The lack of contact, and feelings of isolation some of you will experience in the coming days and weeks, will make it necessary to  create connections in other ways.

Oh so grateful for the internet, and other amazing technology!

Third, everyone is or will be affected by this new situation. Some of you might be fearful. Yes, you might fear losing your job, missing parties, getting sick alone at home, or losing your home, your money, etc. 

Let’s not concentrate on it! It doesn’t help you to focus on “what if….” You will help yourself the most if you don’t surrender to imaginary thoughts and expectations. It’s really a challenge that you can practice!

And yes, stress is impacting our health, wellbeing and yet, we need to take VERY good care of ourselves!  

So we ALL  really need to focus on our emotional and physical  health during this time. You will need to find other ways to exercise and workout. Even in my apartment building the gym is closed. So be creative and inventive!

Enough sleep, healthy food, cooking new recipes together with whomever you’re staying with, playing the games you haven’t had time to play. Find ways to elevate your spirit, and to keep the trust that it will end well.

Yes, nourish yourself, light a candle so your home will smell pleasant, read that book that you’ve been putting off. Please find ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system as much as possible which will assist your immune system to stay healthy.

There are circulating videos on FB of Chinese parents doing the funniest games with their kids, while in quarantine. (On my FB page!)

It comes down to MAKING THE BEST OUT OF IT!

It is what it is.

So, forth, here is my plan.

I am offering a weekly support group/class for the next 8 weeks. I will guide you through some energetic techniques to lift your spirit, guided meditation to de-stress,  provide guidance for emotional issues, I will give some tools and tips and create a community that will support each other as we move through these challenging times.

We are in it together!

As is always the case, there are two sides on a coin. Lets flip the negative into the positive, let’s find a gift in this challenge, and nourish ourselves and our souls.

Of course I am aware of everyone’s financial concerns, so I’ll offer this 8-week program for a one-time payment of $50. (That’s $ 6:25 for each session).

When? Wednesday’s 12-1:15 pm, starting March 25th.

You can register and pay below.

 If you can’t attend during the day and would like a group in the evening, let me know!

Let’s support each other, focus on compassion and positivity, and stay healthy!!!


Bookings are closed for this event.