A constellation is a method to uncover  and release hidden patterns, entanglements and traumas 

that are blocking the flow of life, love, success or health.

Learn more about the types of constellation sessions:

Family Constellation

Finding yourself repeating the same wrong relationships, jobs or issues over and over again?  

Adoption Constellation

The theme of abandonment runs through generations, anchored in the soul. Heal the core of adoption.


Business/Organization Constellation

Quickly diagnose energetic dynamics in your business system that are hindering your success.

Footprint Constellation

Want to understand your child or teen? Learn what the hidden dynamics of footprints show you.

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Here you can find the most commonly asked questions before a constellation session.


Gather information about your family if you can. Check off what is relevant to you.

Constellations have nothing to do with stars, but with uncovering hidden patterns and entanglement that impact the wellbeing of a person. “Shake the family tree” to get answers.

This method reveals hidden loyalties, inherited destructive patterns, inherited PTSD, and trauma. 

Look forward! But if you feel stuck or end up over and over again in the same situation; look back!

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Before your session we discuss your requests. During the session we’ll work it out setting up a constellation and find answers towards resolutions and healing. 
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