Reveal the Inner Picture of the Child

This work I partially developed is very effective for helping children and teens with current day to day problems or deep seated issues.  It reveals how they feel and have experienced  divorce, blended family-issues, grief of loss of parent, adoption, or what is the core issue behind cutting, insecurity, depression, anxiety or hyperactivity.

This foot-prints-mapping method is done privately and in groups. The insights obtained with the mapping are precisely revealed and the deeper hidden issues arise to the surface in a heartbeat. 

In private sessions, when a child lays out intuitively the colored footprints related to his/her personal story, no words need to be said to show the hidden dynamics. Most children do not like to talk about what they feel, what bothers them or they have just difficulty putting their thoughts and feelings into words. You know the  answer you get on the question: “How was school today?”  would be “good” or “bad”, that’s all you will hear…

To communicate well is key for good connection with our children.  

After the footprints are laid out, I offer colored shapes representing specific emotions, concepts or events that I think are relevant. The child selects shapes to his liking, relevant or not to him/her, and chooses where to put them on the floor wherever they feel to do so.

Many families who partake in this method have been surprised and benefited tremendously, seeing the core-issue on the spot. Parents often are deeply moved while observing the process. 

Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations
Footprint Mapping Constellations

Many of us walk around with trauma symptoms we can’t explain. It could be chronic illnesses, unexplained anxieties, depressions or obsessive thoughts we don’t understand why we have them. We usually don’t think to connect our personal issue to what’s happened to our parents or grandparents. Today we are learning – epigenetics –  that traumas experienced by previous generations can be biologically inherited.  For many people that is surprising, and for others it is an answer to questions they had for a long time. 

Mainly the traumas that have not been acknowledged, nor have been resolved or healed can create big problems. You can be born with it, or it shows up later in life. Once we bring these to light, see the connection, we can break the cycle. If we don’t make the links, we will live with it, and deprive ourselves and our children will continue to carry those traumas.

“Carla is a wonderfully bright and shining gem in my life.  With her guidance I have reacquainted myself with a life filled with love, laughter and joy.  She holds a vast clinical, scientific and spiritual knowledge which she lovingly shares to heal and transform those willing to listen and learn.  She is authentic and articulate; a real treasure to anyone looking for personal transformation.

Many of you have heard me speak of Carla Van Walsum’s workshops and how wonderful I think she is.  I met Carla via her “Happy Children, Happy Home! tm” workshops.  I really believe in the work that she’s doing. She certainly helped me and my family discover (or re-discover) how to live with more love, laughter and happiness.  I can say, though, that in working with Carla, life is much more pleasant and less stressful for us now than before…”

~Katie Starkey, Ft Lauderdale

“We really appreciate all your guidance and everything we learned from you, in private sessions and during the Happy Children, Happy Home! workshops.

You made it really easy for us.  And I could say you changed the way I see life now.  Thank you so much!” 

~Venecia Alb, MA Psych., Boca Raton

Parents can’t choose the mates of their children or the behavior of their children. You actually can’t choose anything for your children without dis-empowering them. —Abraham Hicks

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