Q.: I have done a lot of therapy… I still have the same kind of issues. Why would it be helpful to work with you?

“Talking about a problem might keep you stuck. I believe that most clients often just need a few sessions to gain insight and to move forward. People can be in therapy for years. What you focus on, expands. Overcoming and healing any feelings of victim-hood is imperative.  Of course honoring our feelings that are related to the trauma is important, and create, or should!,  a natural expression of compassion. Compassion is healing. Love is healing. A solution oriented attitude and in the meantime acknowledging that the past is over, is very helpful to move forward. Finding ways of acceptance, letting go and healing are contributing to well-being. Non-judgment and respect for the bigger picture is making us humble observers of life. Allowing to open your heart again for love, life and happiness is one of the greatest gifts one can give him/herself. Family constellations are an excellent method for insights, renewal, healing and freedom in mind, soul and spirit.”

Experience a constellation. Allow yourself to live your best possible life.

Practically any question can be worked out in a constellation.

What is a Systemic Family Constellation?
Family Constellations reveal and release hidden entanglements and dynamics that are obstacles to happiness, health, relationships and career. Each human system, be it a family, a business or a community, has an emergent property that we call an information field. This information field carries the pattern that describes how the system “really” operates. All of us have a “gut sense” of how things really work in the systems we inhabit, despite what a formal organization chart or our parents may tell us. This gut sense is how we can tune in to the information field that is present in each system. Systemic constellations allow us to tap into this information field and to see the whole system at once so that the conflicts and issues immediately become clear.Through our DNA we inherit our physical attributes from our parents and other generational family members. What is less understood and unseen is that we also inherit an emotional legacy, our epigenetics, that can have a tremendous effect on our lives as well as our children‘s lives. Through unconscious loyalty and love to our family system, we can unknowingly become identified or merged with previous family members, often repeating their destructive patterns and manifesting similar afflictions and unresolved issues. Family Constellation work uses this systemic field to reveal unresolved traumas in the lives of previous family members, whose fates can persist and become entangled in subsequent and current generations.

How Does It Work?

Once these entanglements, “behavioral genetics” are brought to “light”, a profound and deep healing process begins, giving way for a life changing journey of personal discovery and growth. Often a rapid shift takes place. Acknowledging and honoring what is can restore the flow of love and acceptance.Deeper layers of the soul are touched.

What Happens in the Workshop?
Clients reconstruct their family system or issue to identify and solve fundamental causes. Clients will choose and ask from the circle participants to represent relevant family members. They don’t know each other. Depending on the question/issue the constellation could be set up with people representing ‘items’ or ‘phenomenons’. Often Carla uses often the ‘blind-constellation’ method; nobody is getting any information but only the chosen representatives get concept verbally or written on a paper. This is often astonishing for the involved clients.

This group is a safe place to experience any truths that may choose to reveal themselves in the constellation or soul movement process. Honoring of all participants will enhance these deep inner movements of the soul that can be experienced by each individual in or out of the circle. During the workshop, the presence or energy experienced allows the solutions and resolutions to emerge. The healing movements of the soul.

When deep personal, private issues arise, Carla might recommend to do some additional private sessions.

You can choose from 3 levels of participating:

~Observing from the circled seating.
~Representing a person in someone’s family, issue or business.
~Being the client and placing your family in the circle using representatives.

Constellations help us to free ourselves from anything negative in our ancestral heritage. After a simple session we move forward without carrying that baggage from the past, thereby empowering us to live a fuller life and freer future.

Some family or personal issues that could be healed or eased with constellations:

~Loyalty conflicts and bonding issues connected with adoption

~Healing around divorce for children and parents by honoring and balancing the system

~Release the dead and change haunting problems into peace for client and family

~Family Tree: Discover your place in the family system and identify missing members

~Inner Victim & Perpetrator: Resolve client’s conflict between inner selves

~Mother-Daughter issues

~Find where you belong in the system and identify unborn/missing members in the family tree

~Variety of issues like addiction, self-esteem, procrastination etc.

~Identify how Past, Present and Future lines create problem area’s that needs to be worked on

~Integrate Body, Mind & Spirit/Soul into the wholeness of being you

~Discover blocks to a prosperous life. How do you relate to money, career, success? 

~Transform invisible dynamics that hold back in business and career.

Private or Phone sessions?

In a one-one session, in person or on skype, the same effects and results are obtained with footprints, papers, Guided Imagery, the use of little puppets and more.

“Laws of Healing”
Getting well, staying well 
“When we talk about healing, we are often thinking about physical healing alone; we locate the source of pain in our body and attempt to alleviate it. But beyond the body, healing encompasses the soul. Both need to be considered and treated well. Often we feel the pain of the soul even more intensely than the pain in the body. So we may ask, from where does the soul draw the confidence for healing the body and healing itself? This confidence comes from love. It draws on a love far surpassing the love that makes us ill, because, surprisingly, illness is also a manifestation of love, though its nature is of a different ilk. The love that heals the soul – and then the body – is unfathomable, outside the scope of intellect, and yet we know that it is there, vast and powerful. And so we contemplate it, lower our heads before it, accept it wholly. This book will guide you through these realms of healing. And as you move beyond the boundaries common opinion into the expansiveness of essential understanding, the insights, meditations, and inner practices will light the way.”

Bert Hellinger

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