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Efective Communication - NVC

Peaceful conflict resolution tools. NonViolent-Communication is the basis for these courses. Core benefits: How to create intrinsic respect, compassionate connections, greater awareness of feelings, and how to fulfill the needs of each one. Speaking fearlessly and being heard.

Embrace Self-Love & Self-Compassion - Mini Course

Restore your capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well being. Experience and learn tools to engage your brain and heart's capacity for wellness.  Bring warmth and balance to your core essence. Find out more!

The Art of Compassion - Mini Course

In a safe and respectful space, you’ll learn how to cultivate (self) compassion - using a method to reflect on your inner life. It’s time to stop the inner critic and heal hurt and grief. This will help us reconnect with our natural wisdom, kindness, and creativity. Our hearts become more open and our wellbeing increases. Love is meant to heal. So is (self) compassion.

Communication-Skills to Reduce Power Struggles with Teens

The home is where children develop a sense of security, and the social-emotional skills they need to live independent, productive, and emotionally-fulfilling lives. Power struggles, yelling and fighting occur too often and seem to alienate you from each other.

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