It's time to clear unseen obstacles that hold your business back from success.

Organization and Business Constellations can quickly diagnose energetic dynamics in your business system and direct them in a way that results in actual measurable change within your business.

The presence of others in your company is not required in order for change to occur.

Energy is not limited to time or space. The insights and changes that occur in the constellation manifest immediately in your business and increased flow and efficiency are the results..

The maximum flow of your business can be hindered by personal or simply business reasons. Either way, by the end of the constellation, these impediments will have been corrected and the parts of your business will line up with each other according to their maximum level of balance and ease.

Constellation work is a unique way of using visible awareness to access a field of energetic wisdom. When used with sincerity and skill, constellations can release energetic blocks to any system and restore the flow of that system to optimum capacity.

Carla Van Walsum, PhD Seminars & Workshops

Align You and Your Business

Discover to make a business work and get clarity if your business really is in alignment with who you are and what your soul desires. This constellation reveals and releases limiting beliefs that can cause chronic tension and problems between you and your business, and holds you back from manifesting.

When the parts of your business are aligned with you and each other it is like forming a clear channel for energy to travel through. When energy is flowing freely through your business, it operates at its maximum proficiency with harmony and ease.

The flow of your business may be restricted due to serious family or personal entanglements in your system. These can be the result of unfair dealings in the family, mistreatment of workers at some point in time, or many other toxic conditions of business that may have occurred in your family or your business partner’s family. Any of these can be cleared through a constellation and result in the release of what are often heavy burdens on a business.

Each constellation can take 1 to 3 hours to complete depending upon the degree of restriction in the flow.

Any one of the following will allow more success and manifestation of your business. Immediate increases in clients and income has been happening following a constellation. Different energy, new insights and release of blocks will sustain this increased flow. Permanent releasing of all impediments will be noticeable in the system.

A journey into YOU and YOUR desires beyond your business

  A shift into YOUR personal value

  A proven strategy that changes your paradigm

  The Art of Constellations has changed many, many lives 

  How to get ‘UNSTUCK’ from your ‘HIDDEN’ life draining blocks

  How to ‘RE-WIRE’ your mind to release resistance and UNLOCK your INNER POWER

  Why KINDNESS and CONNECTION are the True Wealth in this New Economy

  Why the old ways of creating wealth and fulfillment SIMPLY WON’T WORK

  How the Currency of the New Economy is about natural flow and how to Access Unlimited Quantities

Constellations are the visible dynamics of a system

Changing dynamics

Maximize The Flow and Success of Your Business Now!



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