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Mindful, Heart-Based Parenting?

Yes!  A perfect match. 

Mindful – conscious
 means being present in the moment and aware of your OWN actions. Being fully aware of who you ARE and not projecting your past experiences and frustrations on children. You are in control of you.

Heart -Based refers to the awareness of and focus on love behind your intentions, actions and behavior. You control your choice of words, while recognizing how they affect your children. Your intuition leads you and your mind observes and reflects.

Raising your child: you can only do it once.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Children don’t come with a manual,” or “It takes a village to raise a child”. Yet, parenting should not be a struggle, but a joy!

On a global scale, it seems that that there are not too many happy families. In the past, raising children was often done in a negative nature – both physically and emotionally. Today, many moms and dads are looking for alternative ways of parenting and want to make conscious, effective and loving choices in parenting styles. But, how do you parent differently?

If your upbringing was an negative experience you will first need to heal from the effects and pain.

You want to integrate your experiences and draw wisdom from them.

You want to consciously create a harmonious, happy life for you and your children that you so truly deserve!

Family Harmony Holistic Psychology

But, how do you create happiness?

How do you reprogram the voices in your head and heart?

I have solutions for you.

Let me help you connect to your innate capacity of being the best, loving and happiest parent!

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