Carla van walsum author“Thank God I…”  Volume III

  Triumph through Tragedy

The Best Selling Series Thank God I…® does it again! Just when you thought you heard it all. Thank God I…® has released the final compilation to their inspirational trilogy, and is co-authored by Carla Van Walsum. If you are dealing with a current “negative” circumstance or crisis, this release consists of over 50 heart-stopping true stories that share the experience of personally evolving to a place of inspiration and gratitude. Carla’s chapter is: “Thank God My Son Has ADHD, but that does actually mean: Attached to Dialing into a Higher Dimension.”

Empower the people you love – and yourself – with these stories of incredible triumph!  

carla van walsum authorAllow Your Vision To Soar

Carla is also co-author in this book, ‘Allow Your VIsion To Soar” by Kimberly West, the Founder  of Allow Your Spirit to Soar, Inc.  
This book will take YOU on a Journey of Transformation, Inspiration, Peace, Hope, Love & Joy.
Carla’s chapter is called:
Life’s Hidden Truths:
The heart remembers what the mind forgets.
About Love, Family Patterns and Inherited Family Trauma.


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“Do You Feel That Inner Spark Within You That You’d Love to Share with a Soulmate But No Matter What You Do You Can’t Seem to Meet Him/Her?”

Chances are that painful experiences are stored in your subconscious and block you from thriving and manifesting you desires. This CD/Kindle Book/Ebook has many tools to release and clear the past.

What you send out, you’ll get back. Learn exactly how to be in the vibration of love to attract your mate. This is a program developed by Carla Van Walsum, relationship expert and she has given several workshops series in Florida and around 80% found a significant relationship within 4 months. BUT, they did practiced deliberately the tools.  xxxxxxxxxxxx

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