The Art of (Self)Compassion

“Compassion isn’t complete without self-compassion” The Dalai Lama.

Compassion is a wonderful healing tool. Scientific research shows that (self-) compassion is the most important factor in healing from trauma. 

Compassion is an indispensable emotion for quality in any kind of relationship. It contributes far more to happiness than love does. Relationships can be happy with low levels of love but with high levels of compassion. 

High levels of love and little or no compassion do not have the same impact.

Most essential to healing and freedom are compassion and self-compassion, the caring for ourselves and all beings. Compassion surpasses empathy, it goes deeper and further.

 Yes, compassion arises naturally, but mature and full compassion requires practice and training

The art of self compassion

About The Art of Compassion Workshops:

In a safe and respectful space, you’ll learn how to cultivate self-compassion – using a method to reflect on your inner life, to reduce self-judgment and blame. It’s time to stop the inner critic and heal hurt and grief. This will help us reconnect with our natural wisdom, kindness, and creativity.

Inherited patterns, clarity about behavior that doesn’t serve you, we must involve the heart-memory and mind for optimal emotional and physical health.

 You’ll learn In this mini workshops (2 x 90-minute sessions):

  • Tools for daily practice of (Self)-Compassion
  • The RAIN method  – 4 Simple steps to implement (self)-compassion
  • The Emotion Code (Clearing of trapped emotions in the central nervous system)
  • Energy Psychology – Insight in inherited patterns 
  • Neuroscience (Insight in emotional circuits in the brain – resonance)
  • Guided meditations – key processes in clearing our minefields, –  in connecting to our core, and to transform painful patterns that inhibit the deep connections we long for.

Join a loving and supportive community in these workshops