Critical mindsets, struggling careers, failing relationships, destructive familial patterns and relationships, deep seated emotional wounds, and generational inherited burden, you can do something about it.


I grew up in the Netherlands during the aftermath of the Holocaust and WWII, acutely aware of how desperately the world needed to become a kinder place. In hopes of building a safe healing environment for those struggling, I left my career as a classical flutist to pursue psychology and later a Ph.D. in transpersonal counseling. To uphold my commitment to lifelong learning, I completed numerous certifications in areas such as systemic family constellations and non-violent communication.

I learned psychology didn’t just involve labels and diagnoses; the conscious and subconscious mind and generational inherited trauma were orchestrating cohesively in the brain. Critical mindsets, struggling careers, failing relationships, destructive familial patterns, trauma, and generational inherited trauma are not always healed by behavioral or talk therapy alone. I practice several proven alternative modalities to provide a unique experience for each individual. Combining psychology and modalities, or what I call transformational and systemic coaching, became my method for helping clients achieve success, healing, and love.


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