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 You probably have heard the phrase “Children don’t come with a manual,” or “It takes a village to raise a child”. Yet, parenting should not be a struggle, but a joy!

On a global scale, it seems that that there are not  many happy families. In the past, raising children was often done in a negative nature – both physically and emotionally. Today, many moms and dads are looking for alternative ways of parenting and want to make conscious, effective and loving choices in parenting styles. 

But, how do you parent differently?

Family Harmony Holistic Psychology

If your own upbringing was a negative experience you will first need to heal from the effects and hurt.                          

You want to integrate your experiences and draw wisdom from them.                                                                        

You want to consciously create a harmonious , happy life for you and your children that you so truly deserve!

So, if this is you:

 Tired of power struggles with children and/or teens? (And power struggles with  your partner?)

 Can’t stop the tantrums and fights, but you have tried all the advices you could find on the internet?

 Speaking as nice as you can, but they still don’t listen to you?

 Facing difficulties with a child who is very sensitive, or went through trauma?

 Or your child shows unexplained anger, depression or anxiety and would like help with finding the cause?    

 Then I have really good news for you!

A few years ago I started my 6 week live program “Happy Children, Happy Home!” Parenting classes, and seven MOMS and one DAD signed up.

When I opened the second round of these workshops, seven DADS and one MOM showed up. To my surprise, they all were the partners of the parents of the previous group!

What happened? They said that since their spouse was taking the workshops with me, there was much more harmony in the house (less fighting) and in their intimate relationship so they wanted to learn the same processes. I loved that!

Some of the tools used in those workshops are wrapped in the Family Harmony Package.

The communication process I was teaching is called Connecting Communication. This is partially based on NonViolent Communication, or Jackals and Giraffe language, as is developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Falling in love with the effects of this communication made me become a trainer in NVC in the late nineties. 

It has been a valuable tool for my clients to have a happier family. One of my clients who is now so happy with her family-life, called it “a life saver of relationships”. 

In addition, the Family Constellation Therapy, or Footprints mapping is an excellent method to discover deeper hidden patterns running through the family, the inner world of the child or possibly inherited issues or PTDS. 

This method can create shifts rapidly and give insights quickly which saves many hours of sessions.

I used these methods with my own family as well

Family Harmony by Carla Van Walsum, PhDI can truly say that I enjoyed my children’s teenage years tremendously! (Sometimes I think I’m in a tiny minority of parents in the US who speak like that…because I hear so  many parents complaining.) 

During those years I also became a single mom. After we moved from The Netherlands to Florida when my children were 7, 9, and 12, my family and I went through a rollercoaster experience. My children had to cope with my divorce, and we almost lost everything, our livelihood and our home. Yet today, their father and I are considered roll-models for divorced parents.  
None of our children used drugs, misused alcohol or had any other major issues. I know that one of the key reasons is that I didn’t raise them with the regular judging, power struggles, fear based punitive fights and molding methods that are so common. Instead, I spoke to them and treated them with respect for their own uniqueness, yet they learned to discipline themselves. 
Nothing is a guarantee, but I know this has helped them to become successful young adults today. 

We are still very close and my children are thankfully, happy.                                             


Topics to work on during sessions for all, or some, family members:


 Healing relationships and enhancing communication.

 Family Constellation or Footprint mapping.

 Building intrinsic respect, not superficial politeness, and connection.

 Communicate with your children without power struggles, have everyone’s needs met.

 Blend families harmoniously. Love and respect for everyone’s uniqueness.

 Change generational patterns that block harmony and joy. 

 If needed, divorce with respect and kindness for everyone involved.

Family Harmony Package

In your first session we’ll hop on for an hour, talk about what you need, and you’ll receive strategies to implement right away.  Of course I will use any modality that is needed for your specific situation.

Package sessions can be used for the entire family, and also individually, geared towards your needs. 

❥ Connecting Communication  eBook included.  

Email contact and check-ins between the sessions.

Sessions are in person or on ZOOM/Skype

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Family Harmony Holistic Psychology

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