A candle for my Mother

Last weekend, a year ago, my Mom passed. She lived in the Netherlands, and I just had visited her a few weeks prior to her passing. My family knew that her progressing Alzheimer’s would take its toll within a few weeks.

No one knew when. Out of the blue on a Monday morning, my nephew; a lovely 12-year-old boy with Down syndrome said to his mom: “On Friday grandma will be leaving”. My sister-in-law told me what he had said later that day. My mother and my nephew (her grandson) had a great connection.

I felt weird, and thought, “Maybe I should book and visit her again”. Looking into flights, I found a perfect one, and I would arrive that Friday in the morning. While in the plane, my mom’s situation worsened, and my brothers and family were called to come. Facing worker strikes in Europe, instead of arriving at 9 am in Amsterdam I ended up arriving at 1 pm.  A few hours later I was beside my Mom’s bed. That Friday only 5 hours after my arrival, she took her last breath. Thanks to my dear nephew, I was in time to say goodbye to her, before she passed. 

We honored her life, a life that was also filled with a lot of sadness.

Time for a candle and saying Kaddish.

We all have a mom. This energetical relationship is eternal and very powerful, and can also be painful or troubling if we feel hurt by our moms.  We might need to heal the relationship, to create peace within ourselves. Compassion, healing, and empathy can be healing. You can light a candle, honoring your mom. Speaking from your heart to her, or write a prayer.

The relationship with your mother has much impact on the quality of your life, relationships, career, or your children. Imagine your mom to the left behind you. See and feel her as support, even though you might not have felt that support before. This has helped many of my clients.

The ritual and often the tradition of lighting a candle for a passed loved one is a healing, positive and powerful movement. Over and over again, in totally different workshops, the constellation work has shown the impact on ourselves of our ancestors, which includes all who came before us. Positively and negatively!

Of course, it’s the negativity, the traumas, that we need to heal.  Scientific studies about Epigenetics show traumas transmit through generations. Even the Emotion Code is helpful to change that emotional and physical DNA.   

If you feel drawn to light a candle, for your mom, your family, or anyone, please do.