Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.



Anxieties, panic attacks

As many know: Love is healing. Even only focusing on the word, the concept of love, is sufficient to change your energy/vibrations. Isn’t that a wonderful tool? Please, if you think you “have anxieties” stop saying and believing that. It is the way of thinking in clinical psychology that comes from following the medical model; finding a symptom and fighting that symptom. The whole picture is left out in contemplating and finding causes. Headache? Take a pill. But WHY is your body creating headache? Same with anxiety. Yes, neurological reasons can be the cause. But the mental state and way of processing rather said choosing positive thoughts are incredible important in how to deal with it. Further; every thought you think is registered in your sub conscious. That becomes for 95% the motor of your behavior. 

If you tell yourself you “HAVE” something your sub conscious believes it and for sure you will keep it. Do not ever confirm that you have something if you do not want to have it. “Yes, I experience feelings of anxiety, but they are leaving me. I do not validate them. I am exploring why I have those feelings and thoughts.” I have helped many children and adults who had the diagnosis or label “anxieties” to release the habit of having anxieties. As we know that clinical psychology science shows that traumas are stored in the Limbic brain for several generations, anxieties can be very possibly transmitted by the experiences of previous generations. In that case, the incredible work of Systemic Family Constellations comes in, that shows where the core of the issue resides. This work can shift, heal and release so much in a heart beat. Unlock your potential! You are blessed with so much!



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