A super easy trick to release anxiety & stress

How have you been enduring through this pandemic? All of us have gone through all kinds of emotions. So many of us are still dealing with worries, stress, unbearable grief, loss, and so much more!

We all deal with the stuff that landed on our plates differently, but many people have experienced higher levels of anxiety, and it doesn’t seem to be dissipating as quickly as we’d like it to.

That is why I have made a short video, with a tool that releases stress from the autonomic nervous system, the Vagus nerve. I’ve used this technique with many of my clients and they find it really helps.

It is a super easy exercise, great after a busy day, that creates calm and even releases some anxious feelings.

By doing this 1-2 minute exercise, please do it daily!, the bloodstream increases to the brainstem, from where the 5 cranial nerves emanate.

Great for hyperactive children or when having focusing issues, this is a way to get calm.

The sighs or yawns are the proof you release tension. If there’s no sign, just continue to do it!

This is an exercise from the Polyvagal Theory, as developed by Steven Porches, Ph.D. I have learned so much about Polyvagal and Neuroscience, I truly love it. It also shows why constellation as a healing tool, works.
We live in a great time, so much healing is available!

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Enjoy your weekend!