Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.

Carl Jung was right…

Carl Jung was right…


Carl Jung was right. He is not only known for developing his Shadow-work and the Personality Archetypes, but also for his brilliant contribution to the phenomenon: Collective Consciousness.
Collective consciousness is about the consciousness of families, tribes and (sub)-groups.

One of the characteristics is that one individual’s will-power and personality is influenced subconsciously.

You think it’s you who thinks or says such and such, but you really might be aligned or connected to a bigger picture. That bigger picture could include also the connection to experienced traumas by previous generations, which are transferable as is shown also in clinical psychology science and Systemic Work: traumas can be stored in the limbic brain for 3-7 generations.

BertHellingerAn example of collective consciousness is the feeling of being a victim in the present time, even though you have not experienced the dramas yourself. Think about the large groups of people that have suffered tremendously by the actions of others. They seem “not to get over it”. The wounds are too big. I believe that reconciliation,taking responsibility and apologizing from the heart, doesn’t get anywhere unless the mourning and pain is felt by the perpetrators.

Or in other words, the balance between the two people isn’t restored. The scale is still very uneven. Interpretations of life events are influenced by that collective consciousness. The Systemic Work of Dr. Bert Hellinger is an excellent method that can reveal, release and often heal those traces of the past.

                                                                                                                                                              Dr Bert Hellinger  



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