Empowerment for children

Empowerment children, family constellations
Imagine that this quote would be taught at school. If children would learn that they can choose different thoughts about any situation! That they would learn to think independently, geared towards making positive choices. It would help them to face and change hidden negative beliefs and blocks.  Those blocks thwart living a fulfilling life, hinder the flow of love and success in work. Often those negative beliefs run through the family for generations.

If your ancestors lived in poverty and fear of persecution, most likely you carry some patterns that are still related to those situations. Even if there’s nothing to worry about, the habit to live in fear is deeply ingrained.If you cannot sleep because your bank account is kind of empty, you think that  a huge amount of money would take away your worries and you would be happy. But guess what. Many who changed from being in  poverty into being wealthy, do not change their thoughts and beliefs and continue the habit of living in fear. They are very worried they might LOOSE their wealth. What you focus on, creates more of the same.

Better focus on what you DO want! 
Bottom line, find happiness, gratitude and peace of mind no matter where you are, enjoy the ride and cut fear out of your system. If you want to learn more about how to do that, take one of my workshops or sessions. Sign up for a free session through my website: and lets talk!