Do you worry?

Do you worry?

This morning, the perfect phrase arrived in my mailbox, sent by Abraham: “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”.

Boom. Excellently phrased. For years I’ve been explaining to my clients why worrying never serves you, and how it helps you to create what you don’t need. It is unintentionally drawing the wrong energy towards you.

I also explain that worrying is a conscious behavior that you can choose to change, just by monitoring your thoughts…

Worrying can also be a stored family habit that is embedded in the SUB consciousness. In that case, you will need to dive deeper. The biggest part our emotions derive from our subconscious.Do you worry?

If in the past your family experienced war, or generations of persecution, then worrying about safety, life and danger became a legitimate way to deal with atrocities. The danger was real!

These deep imprinted fears and suffering do not go away by themselves. Time just doesn’t heal all wounds, or not fast enough. Some scars tend to be buried very deeply in the collective consciousness of groups and people.

Dealing with worrying is very visible in parenting behavior.  In recent years, I have witnessed a kind of competitiveness between parents: the one who was the biggest worrier would be considered the BEST parent. Really?  Does more fear thinking possibly lead to being a better parent? The desire to be a helicopter parent and control every step of your child tells me more about your uncontrolled fears and lack of trust.

It does not translate into good parenting. Locking your child up in his room with electronic devices-instead of allowing him to playing free, outdoors with other kids- will definitely reduce the chance of being abducted out of the house, but it will also deprive him of essential social skills and qualities.

Of course there are always solutions in between. You can reflect on how realistic your concerns are. Children learn by experiencing and reasoning.  Being a constantly worrying parent you inadvertently can’t  teach trust and trustworthiness, which is so invaluable for a healthy mental state.  Without trust there is no relationship. When trust is lost and needs to be rebuilt,  there is a gentle opportunity to forgive and practice unconditional love.

Often in the opposites we can find healing. The opposite of fear is love. Love is healing. The opposite of worry is intuitively based trust.  The power of intention is unlimited. It s all energy.

Live with positive energy:

“I trust all is well”.

“Everything is unfolding in the right way”.

“I send trust to whomever I meet and work with.”