Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.

Fear of what if…

Fear of what if…

Fear of what if…

Our family experiences and burdens determine our lives today. Clinical psychology science shows that traumas are stored in the limbic brain for about three to seven generations. How many people do you know who really thrive, feel successful and live in a harmonious family? Often it is just about surviving in life. The baggage we carry we cannot get rid of easily either. YOU want to make changes, but how?

Many people raise their children based on fear, the fear of: “What if…” But we cannot control what will happen. We cannot control others without their compliance either. worry

The world is dangerous and always has been, we just know more about it. Today, kids barely play outdoors anymore, though free play is extremely important for a balanced development. Schools are overwhelmingly large, often there is no recess, directive not interactive  teaching and create, in general a lot of pressure for children. (Did you know that in the Netherlands every 90 minutes there is recess in elementary school?)

Competition instead of cooperation is often the primary focus. Competition alienates children’s from each other, ruins friendships and creates negativity in the person, fear of failure or success and lack of self-esteem. They learn to have respect for the winner. But what about the “loser”? What about compassion, appreciating each other’s diversity?

A real missed opportunity in learning compassion and respect.



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