The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Several years ago Dr. Emoto mesmerized the world with his breathtaking frozen water crystal photographs. He wanted to prove that water contains energy and cell memory.  

The beauty of his projects showed what happens to water when high energy words like gratitude, love, compassion, were introduced to it. When spoken those positive words to the water that would be frozen simultaneously, the most wonderful crystals were created. Interestingly enough, words such as hate, anger, and sadness gave the opposite results as the frozen water turned into ugly masses instead of beautiful crystals. Even when introducing the last names of murderers and dictators to the water, once frozen, the most unpleasant mass appeared as crystal frozen shapes. While the name of Mother Teresa showed a beautiful crystal. 

Humans exist roughly 80 percent out of water.  So what is it doing to us, to our inner being, when we hear high energy words, those that are positive, or low vibrational energy words, that we define as negative? 

Cell memory in water

What others say to us, impacts us. Not only by their choice of words, but by the vibrational levels of those words.  As an icing on the cake, the extremely advanced Nonviolent Communication process, what I expanded into Connecting Communication, is elevating awareness about compassion, and authentic connection, a language that will have everyone ‘s needs met. Yes, peaceful conflict resolution, without a stream of negative words, cursing or hurting, is definitely possible. It does require some practice though!

It is powerful to realize how you can stay in a “feeling good” mode by choosing positive thoughts. By using high vibrational thoughts and words, and by eliminating certain words from your vocabulary. There is still plenty of room to address issues. By focusing on positive thoughts and words, it certainly does not mean that you have landed in Lalaland where everything is great, and where negativity is ignored. Not at all. What you focus on expands.  

The Power of Words

Words can cause severe traumas. Words also have the power of healing. Amazing! The most fabulous part is the freedom of choice that we have, we can choose our thoughts and words. We can choose to refrain from criticism or judgment of others. 

In the systemic constellation work, we often discover (parts of) the bigger picture,  which definitely humbles us in our general judgments. 

Words charged with feelings can open the opportunity to sincere forgiveness or a deep reconciliation. If the “perpetrator(s)” can feel the pain of what has been caused to their “victim(s)”, and mourn with the victim(s), a unique process unfolds. Words are tools for healing, inner peace, and deep connection, within individuals, families and groups or tribes. 

As an individual to focus on “It is my dominant intent to feel good” is a handy mantra to live by.

It’s your birthright.