Follow your heart?

“Follow Your Heart” is a recommendation for living your true passion, calling on what ever it is you desire. You might have heard it often, you might have even lived it. You might also know that the heart is the carrier of emotional wounds and hurt. Remember the saying: “The heart remembers, what the mind forgets”?

Well, energetically speaking, the heart’s memory system IS part of the mind as well, the subconscious part. Following your heart, when pain and hurt are present, can unconsciously make you do the wrong thing. The result may be that your success will be blocked by what’s stored in your heart.

Working with affirmations and positive sentences, in order to overcome hassles and issues, do not work effectively enough when the core wounds are anchored in deeper levels. Yes, positive thinking is ABSOLUTELY imperative, but you really ​need to ​believe ​in WHAT you are saying.

if you don’t align with the content and nature of the positive thought, some clearing needs to happen.  It can be an indication for being entangled unconsciously with one or another trauma, personal or from your family.

As epigenetics show, and science supports, traumas can be transmitted up to 7 generations.

So, you usually don’t know IF you carry something or WHAT and how important it may be. In any case, unexplained fears, depression and failures in certain areas make it worth shaking the family tree.

Is it your personal experiences, or your ancestral experiences that hinder your success, wellbeing and health-today?

Want to know more and what you can do about it, for you and/or your children?

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