Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.

Free the chains that bind

Free the chains that bind

20 Years ago, I attended a workshop that was becoming a hot phenomenon in Europe. At the time, I could not foresee how it would impact the course of my work and my vision of life. I quickly dived in studying this method. Unexplained depression, anxieties and many different kinds of struggles, were seemingly resolved during those workshops. In private sessions, following a workshop and using the same methodology, I saw results that were mind blowing.

Those workshops provided insights into hidden family dynamics that would not become visible otherwise. The bottom line of the theses is that negativity, when not healed by positivity, reverberates through generations. Bingo. It doesn’t stop with dying. No. There are ramifications.

When do you know if your issues are really part of the inherited chain that is holding you back? Well, it is simple to check. Also, there are several things you can do today to help resolve or unblock a non-beneficial cycle.

The Emotion Code, another method I love to use, can help to release inherited negative emotions from your energy fields that can lead to illnesses as well. How do we know this all works? Because sooner or later, you realize that you feel differently -you feel lighter, happier, or your physical ailments disappear. You may realize that things have shifted and that this new mindset is allowing better things to happen.

You can start today, right now, by imagining several generations of ancestors, show respect and gratefulness by bowing for them and asking for their love and support. Without them you would not exist. We don’t see the world of psyches, but our mind can imagine them. Einstein made a good point, “A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”

Honoring ancestors can help you to update old perceptions, forgive past harms with compassion, establish healthy boundaries and you’ll show up in more conscious ways with your living family.

Of course, this is more difficult when you have experienced a lot of negativity from your immediate ancestors. That is where consciousness steps in. Those who screwed up, still need love and compassion…

One aspect of my work that has become so clear is that the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and grandchildren of Nazi’s (who were the murderers) have the SAME emotional issues. Something to ponder about. Perpetrator or victim-either way, my workshops can help!

Another interesting fact that supports the work I do is that science shows that if you have one parent with PTSD, you have 3 times as much chance of having PTSD yourself, even though you never experienced the atrocities first hand.

If you think something holds you back, or your life could run smoother, join one of my workshops!





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