To ponder about…

Family Constellations, Epigenetics, Inherited Family Trauma

To ponder about:

 Inherited Family Trauma, Epigenetics
Inherited Family Trauma, Epigenetics, Family Constelations

What could be the affect on someone who has lost 80 or 100+ family members by murder?  Even if he or she never has met them?

The family has a subconscious, or collective conscious memory field that contains the data of life-experiences, good and bad. In addition to that, clinical psychology science shows that traumas are stored in the Limbic brain for up to approximately 7 generations. 

Did you know that in many Jewish families, worldwide, who somewhere are connected to the Holocaust, have a child(ren) and/or grandchild(ren) with explainable feelings of depression, anxieties, anger or strange illnesses. 

Trauma carries on, reverberates through generations. It is like negative energy that needs to be brought to peace. The soul has many faces. 

The method I use can help to disentangle and disconnect from that burden.