Carla Van Walsum, Ph.D.

Judgment doesn’t stem from love…

Judgment doesn’t stem from love…

 Judgment doesn’t stem from Love

We could simply realize that many are not really happy with themselves or in their relationships. Self-love, as the basis of the ability to love others, is often very hurt or even absent. In my practice I frequently face that the root cause of many issues is based on a lack of experiencing to be appreciated and accepted for who they really are. This appreciation and acceptance is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children.

 We have disconnected so completely that we willingly engage in the dysfunction, yet we seem not to know how to make the changes. Bound by fear and relishing in illusory symbols of status and power, we choose to spiral through depending on approval and life clinging to our reputations, our homes, our cars and our jobs as if they defined our very existence. We and of course our children are paying the price. The real validation for us we truly can only find within ourselves, our authentic beings.
Every time a child commits suicide or goes on another school shooting rampage, we struggle to understand why?  Fingers are pointed in every direction – at the media, the psychiatric drugs, the music industry, video games, lack of morality in America, but our fingers are never turned inward, toward our own hearts. We simply do not understand. of course negativity around us, fear as a result of observing daily news, has an impact on our well-being. Yes, life is just fearful, has always been, so you better get over that with focusing on positivity, and the beauty that is all over.

 It is time to recognize that our own words and actions can be the cause of an ever-eroding respect for life, respect for the variety of any human being. Parents, teachers demand respectful behavior from children, they don’t want to hear ‘talking back’ but where is the place for truthful connection? Respect can only come from the heart, it is not the same as superficial politeness. What is more important, politeness out of fear for punishment of hearing and connecting to each other?

It is also time to open up to other viewpoints of life. When traumas are not healed, they are stored in the limbic brain from 3-7 generations. Traumas are everywhere. Traumas are energy fields, that move and can be trans generational. The deep loyalty children have towards their family can express itself by taken over on a deep level the problems, or trauma’s of ancestors. A child can be depressed because it is connected to the grandfather who was in a war, or lost many family members. “I take it from you”. Those dynamics, unconscious and on soul-level,   become visible when we work with the morphic genetic fields. We are much more connected to the people around us then we might want to realize. Watch this little video about morph genetic fields.

It’s time to begin the healing of our hearts, to move from closed to an open heart…to  letting go of all that has hurt us, focusing on the love in us and around us and seeing the  beauty in others.  To shine the lights that we actually are.



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