The Powers of Love

The powers of LOVE

Love is one of the most powerful, sought after concepts. Without love, there is no life. Most of us want more of it, and don’t know how to get it. When living with the awareness of lack of love, negative thoughts develop and often turn into beliefs. We think we are not worthy enough of being loved the way we would like to, or we measure people by what is lovable and unlovable. We divide the world in two parts, lovable and not loveable. People we don’t like become labeled as bad or as enemies. We often feel totally entitled to have those judgments. However, judgments never stem from love.

In the desire to explain love and where it emanates from, currently often the focus is on the brain; a medical/physical explanation that love is a chemical and electrical construction. Yes, the brain is responsible for giving love its physical expression, yet ultimately, love comes from the soul, our deepest being. Of course areas in our brains   are connected, but let’s not deny that we have deeper layers, unseen, that exist.

If we turn inwardly, a notice of love is felt in the chest, also called ‘spiritual heart center’. There are several steps one can take to enlarge that capacity of love. Expressions as “Open your heart”, “Be love, spread love, and you’ll meet love” are tangible expressions of awareness of the power what those intentions can create. It works, though.

Love is meant to heal. However, you need to work creatively with love to recognize the true core of a situation.   If you would like to create more love in your life, release the blockages, heart-wall and trapped emotions.  The Emotion Code and Systemic Family Constellations-in person are . very effective insight and healing tools.

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