Science behind constellation work

I don’t know about you, but I am terrified of mice. At the psychology labs in school, I had a hard time being present when they were testing the intelligence of mice. One of my male friends , a medical doctor to be, kept several bottles with dead mice floating in preservatives. He took great pleasure in observing them. My glass of wine emptied very quickly when I visited him.
As a college student, living in the center of Rotterdam in a typical student apartment, those little beings came to visit me. I literally ran out of my apartment and off to my boyfriend, who with his male strength courageous and courteous behavior went to buy all kind of contraptions to put in the walls in hopes of keeping those little creatures away from me. (Today he is a professor at Yale, probably not dealing with mice.)

Of course many have berated me, and wonder WHY I have such an incredible fear of mice. As interested as I am in uncovering traumas that hinder us today, the one with the mice has alluded me. The most near and  satisfying answer I’ve heard is in the hypothesis of a possible past life experience, where I could have been rotting in a dungeon, as often happened in the past. That could explain my deep rooted fear.

But it gets complicated too, since I know that mice have a 99% identical gene make up with us humans! Wow!!! And, we have a generation overlap of the number 20. Our twenty years equals the mouse generation of 20 weeks. We are connected!
So, the trauma – shock- tests, inflicted upon mice, gave interesting insight in inherited trauma. Even sperm from a “shocked mouse” injected in a mother who is without any shock experience, made the mouse babies still loaded with PTSD stress-hormone for up to 3 generations.

Intuition follows for humans: if you have symptoms of PTSD but cannot find any logical reason for it, don’t go swallowing meds -but shake your family tree. Check your family history and do work to find those hidden loyalties, clear and heal! It is do-able!

I know, I should do something about my fear with mice…But I have found another solution: living in Florida, I rarely see them. And never in my home.

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Science behind constellation work:
For the science lovers:  scientific research was published by Rachel Yehuda, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience,the Director of the Traumatic Stress Studies Division at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

How Trauma and Resilience Cross Generations.

Genetics describes DNA sequencing, but epigenetics sees that genes can be turned on and off and expressed differently through changes in environment and behavior. Rachel Yehuda is a pioneer in understanding how the effects of stress and trauma can transmit biologically, beyond cataclysmic events, to the next generation. She has studied the children of Holocaust survivors and of pregnant women who survived the 9/11 attacks. But her science is a form of power for flourishing beyond the traumas large and small that mark each of our lives and those of our families and communities.
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