Almost everybody wants to be successful. Success is actually a concept that encompasses all areas of life. However, if you ask 10 people what success means to them you’ll get 10 totally different answers.

According to Wikipedia success is:

How simplistic is that! Those answers are a little superficial and mainly extrinsic. Yes, you can achieve a higher social status, that’s usually the result of academic and financial success.  What is this success? How others value and look at you?  Do they love you more for who you are?

Who cares what your neighbors think anyway? Unfortunately, yes, many do care and those thoughts keep them from being successful in some other areas of life. The root cause is that they are depending on approval of others. 

I believe that feeling truly successful is something that you FEEL inside and is connected to joy, empowerment and gratitude. Your happy family, the love and appreciation you receive in your life, your connection to your calling and serving to others, your health, your great friendships are all signs of success of who YOU are.  Yes, that means following your passion, following your dreams. That can be a little scary too, because most of our ancestors couldn’t do that. happy woman 2

Academic success is highly validated, because we adore the brain and many still believe that knowledge is power.  But there is more to say about success. Why shouldn’t a plumber who’s doing such important work, not feel very successful if he fixes difficult issues?  What would you do without him? Didn’t Einstein say: “A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination?” Voila, if you understand this concept and work it out as required you can draw your success towards you. Visualize your dreams, make them vivid and learn how to realize them.

Metaphysical wisdom tells us that “failures” don’t exist, only lessons, opportunities to learn and grow. Feeling that you are  a  failure is very sad. It means you are not aligned with your goals and don’t know how to manifest them. You see, it are your own thoughts who tell you that you are a failure (if you do). Of course, many parents were champions in projecting their wishes onto their children. If their goals with you weren’t met… you might still feel guilty to not have satisfied your parents. Honestly, you only owe success to your authentic self. It is such a relative concept. The essence is how YOU feel about yourself, your self-esteem, your validation and self-love. Whatever level you are, enjoy the ride, observe and appreciate your successes and the more successful you feel and act positively, the more success you will attract to yourself. 




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