TRUST is one strong component for…

  ….  healthy-functioning relationships. You might agree with that, but do you also know HOW to create (more) trust in your world or in yourself, especially when you don’t think that trust is highly present in your life?

  It could be that as a child you overheard your parents saying to someone else, “I don’t trust that kid at all!” “You can never trust them!”  Or you may have heard some similar expression.   Your subconscious collects all data in your life and determines much of your motivation and behavior. Usually, the negative statements you heard about yourself became part of your identity, and ironically, you most likely are proving its truth in your life. It is a terrible feeling when people don’t trust you for no apparent reason, or when you feel untrustworthy or distrustful.    

Our daily conscious thoughts influence our well-being and the way we deal with our lives. If we want to intentionally create more trust in our lives, the first step is to question and identify the fear behind the thoughts we tend to have….”Why do I think that, and who says that it is true?”

Maybe your world view is pessimistically colored, and you consider your views as realistic…without realizing that ‘realistic’ is a personal, subjective description that is perceived differently by everyone…You may worry that the world is fraught with danger.  The world has always been dangerous, we just know more about things outside our immediate environments because of technology.  

A very simple remedy to get out of this ‘state of fear-thinking’ (the opposite of TRUST)- is to control your self-talk. Vague sentences like: “You cannot trust anybody in today’s world” or: “I told you! Never trust anyone!” must be eliminated immediately of course. 

One or more disappointing experiences can not predict more of the same by themselves. However, with negative thinking, they can easily become ‘self-fulfilling prophecies”. Simply said: If you focus on trust with your whole being, you can create so much positive energy that a shift is inevitable.

For good things to occur in your life, you need to feel as good as possible. Trust is one of these pillars to thrive on.    Do you want to meet people you can trust?  Ask for it. Radiate trust. What you send out, you’ll get back. Your clear positive intentions will manifest another reality. Try it for a while and see what happens   The result of trusting in “all is well” thoughts, gives you the opportunity to escape from where you are at this moment, even though it seems to be the opposite of what you’re experiencing now. Science shows that fearful people are more likely to be robbed than fearless ones

This  supports  the thesis that taking responsibility for our thoughts consciously is bringing us closer to where we want to be!

Trust connects you to  the right place            

“I only meet trust worthy people”  

“I trust that whatever feels good is good”.                          

“I am safe.”

 “Everything is working out for my highest good