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Which intentions do You choose:

Which intentions do You choose:

What are you choosing for the new year: intentions or resolutions?im-balance
I love intentions rather than resolutions. Why? Intentions seem to be inspirational, stress-free and are connected to your soul, your core.

11 years ago, when I moved from Europe to Florida with my husband and 3 young children, I left behind a flourishing beautiful world, with many deep, loving friendships. Though I am still in touch with many, it was a huge loss to go through. To make our endeavor an enriching challenge, I set forward the intention of “only meeting wonderful people.” And I truly, truly did!!!

Resolutions put you on the spot.They create stress. If you quit your newly made resolutions, you feel disappointed in yourself or powerless. How often are the failed resolutions put back on the agenda the next year? Intentions are positive motivators but without action are not worth that much. Procrastination can be a huge road block in the manifestation and realization of your intentions and life goals. Procrastination is a theme that often shows up in my workshops and private sessions.

To live life to the fullest, we need clear, powerful intentions.
One of the best books I have ever read is “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. I learned from him and “Abraham Hicks” to say this phrase any time, any moment:
“It is my dominant intent to feel good”. This sentence created miracles and peace in my life, especially in very difficult moments. It is an interesting insight if you look at this sentence and take out one “o” from the last word…

This phrase is an excellent tool to focus on and to help yourself move through where you need to go. If you feel totally lost it helps you shift; if you are thriving, it opens up more gates of well-being. Hold the vision of your intentions and creations, cherish them and connect them with your logical mind.

“It is my intention for YOU and the world to just love life and FEEL GOOD”.



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