You too?

I am all for the Light. To see the beauty behind the dark and the shadow. The light that uplifts and illuminates our lives. So, violence is never permitted. Almost never, possibly if you find yourself in a physically threatening situation. Lately the “Me Too” movement has exploded into a huge number of confirmations. Worldwide. I think, “Me too” is relevant in one way or another for all women on the planet. But not only for women.

In Dutch there is a saying that is as follows: A man is harassed and humiliated by his boss. He comes home, hurt and frustrated,  and thus he is nasty to his wife. Where else is he going with his frustration? The wife is hurt, and yells unreasonably at the kids. The kids, upset for mistreatment, kick the dog. The dog goes to his bed and withdraws, hurt. Not for long though. He comes back, as he is a teacher in compassion.

It all comes down to a recycling and perpetuum of being hurt. It comes down to the lack of a basic intrinsic form of respect. Respect for the other human being, whatever shape, form or color. Respect for boundaries, for feelings, and awareness that you are -never- above someone else. Compassion for a person in stress.
It doesn’t matter how smart, how rich, or how handsome you are. Not even how much power you have. I truly believe that if children are treated respectfully and compassionately, if they are raised with respect for the environment, and are not considered “property”, but accepted for who they are, they are much more likely to treat others with respect and compassion. What you don’t have, you cannot give.

Yes. Men-in general- need to respect women. Women -in general- need to respect men. Women also need to respect themselves and take responsibility for co-creating situations to get a better job, to sleep up, to find a guy with money, etc..  We all have the power to make choices. We all have the choice to find our own power.

Several times in my life I’ve been invited to a hotel room for “business” talk. Really? I never went. Lost chances?- maybe . But I’d rather that than the loss of my integrity. Never lose your loyalty to yourself.
Speak up. Support others. Don’t attack the “men” because that is not helpful either. Fighting against, is the wrong energy. Speaking up, creating awareness, and protecting your boundaries, is something else.
Social injustice is a widespread phenomenon. It has been for eons.
Our task today, is to be a light in the progress of a more compassionate, respectful world.

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